Breaking News: World of “Google Go” is here for you

Google is everywhere, you want or need of help.

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Breaking News: World of “Google Go” is here for you


Jahanzaib Shuja

Google Go Application
Google Go Application
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Google is everywhere, you want or need help. If you have a low-end smartphone and your Google App does not work perfectly. So here is Google Go on its way to help you out.

Google Go is a lightweight search engine Application. Firstly the application launched for beta testing in 2017, now this app globally launched.

This application specially made for those users who have an Unstable Internet connection Android smartphones. Like the other Apps, Google Go does not require a lot of space.

The interesting thing in this app is its safe 40 percent more data than a regular Google search app. Initially, the App uses 5MB of space. But when the number of features increased, the storage also increases to 7MB.

On Google Go App you can easily read topics you want by one Tap on it. It has the ability to read out pages loudly. You can search for images and GIFs. Voice search also the part of this Interesting App.

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At Google conference, the company said Google Go bringing a lens for itself. This lens will allow users to point out the real world through a camera. User can know about board, signs on road by using this camera or lens.

Google Go Lens
Google Go Lens

It can also read out text on anything you want to read. This feature or technology will help people who cannot read. More of our generation unable to read easily said by Google.

You can download the Google Go App through the Play store.




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