Digital Nomad: Combining Tech and Travel By Sana Hassan Advertisement Digital-Nomad-Combining-Tech-and-Travel The hardcore jobs with the timings of 10 hours a day are on the rise. People are literally working day and night and they are hardly making both ends meet. The hectic hours also make it difficult for working people to spend time with their family or to go on a vacation. The revolution of the Internet has enabled online working. This allows the
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Smart conferences and Silent headphones By Mishal Shaheen Advertisement Smart-conferences-and-Silent-headphones We are living in the age of advanced communication where everything needs to be fit to use. Business meetings and conferences are no more the same old conventional ones, their meaning has changed. They are now a part of reputation building, and thanks to social media and the internet these meetings are broadcast live all over (if they allow you, obviously). They show the status
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Tour guidance without a guide By Mishal Shaheen Advertisement Tour-guidance-without-a-guide There are times when you have just cannot bear the sight of anyone disturbing your whole trip. You go to a place to explore the fun of it, but you also desperately try to seek history and the cultural background behind it. Or you just want to know the tide routines and depth of the water body before you dive in. you can not rely
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PUBG - The New Game Fever
PUBG: The New Game fever By Sana Hassan Advertisement PUBG – The New Game Fever The decade of sophisticated gaming gadgets and consoles, the debut for computer and mobile games is often very hard. But there are games that have made through all the hurdles very fast. Many games have enjoyed the top popularity levels for a very long time. Fortnite, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike are few of the names. The new online computer game
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Features of Android Q By Mishal Shaheen Advertisement Feature-of-Android-Q Here are some features of Android Q. It is coming this May: Dark mode for battery saving Google is clearly preparing a system-level dark mode for Android Q, and it’s technically available in this first beta. But it can be tricky to access, and for now, there’s no simple on or off switch. The easy method to test out dark mode is enabling battery saver mode,
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Technology then and now By Sana Hassan Advertisement Technology-then-and-now The era of technology has come a long since the beginning of the times. The gadgets are shrinking in size and there is more sophistication involved. The storage capacities and personalized requirements are kept in mind. The technology is not about what we need anymore. It is about the invention of a new latest gadget and the marketing of it till we think we need it.
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Environment-friendly inventions
Environment-friendly inventions that are saving the Earth By Sana Hassan Advertisement Environment-friendly inventions After centuries of harm caused to the environment, humans are beginning to realize the consequences. The damage is done; it will take years to put the stop on the damaging acts and centuries to minimize the effects. Efforts are finally being made in the right direction. The innovative technology seems to be on our side. The long-termed combine efforts will prove to
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Generation Z: The first natives of Technology
Generation Z: The first natives of Technology By Sana Hassan Advertisement Generation Z: The first natives of Technology The human population is divided into different generation based on the years they were more in. People belonging to the same year span share common attributes and feelings. These similarities and points where they can relate to each other are based particularly on the environmental influences. Young people of the might actually be not s made as
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