Self Driving Cars
SELF DRIVING CARS – Part 2 Is The Future Dark? We have told you about the advantages of automated cars, but what about the other side of the story – where is the dark side of this? Let’s find out. Is there any harm from a self driving car? Yes. Like every other technology, a self driving car comes with some harmful aspects as well. Drivers and gas/petrol pump stations will have to bear great
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SELF DRIVING CARS – Part 1 By Mishal Shaheen The future is here! In the past, it was hard to believe that we would be able to sit in a fully automated, robotic car that needed no driver. It was a scary yet exciting thought for us. Quite crazily, the world has changed a lot with new technology and it is exciting as ever! Driver-less Car Technology Recently in 2018, a project launched by Google
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The War of Technology in Mobile Phones
The War of Technology in Mobile Phones By Ahmad We are living in a modern age and now we are no more surprised to see the growing technologies in mobile phones. Certainly, we are going to be addicted to these marvelous changes. Although we don’t find any keypad in these new gadgets, yet there’s a touch screen that works keypad. About a decade or more years ago, there was a time, when mobile was considered
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AR APPS: An Exciting and Useful Innovation
AR APPS: An Exciting and Useful Innovation By Mishal Shaheen Augmented reality apps use our environment as a digital interface to provide us with the information relating to that environment or the object. AR apps are an advanced form of virtual reality apps and find their use in many dimensions of life. Some practical applications are discussed as under: 3D viewer Augmented reality in 3D viewers allows life-sized objects with 3D to be viewed in
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OLED Televisions: The future of LED By Mishal Shaheen We have advanced to an age where technology is of primary importance to us. Be it office setting or home, technology has paved its way into everyday life. From the electric stove in your kitchen to televisions, every technology you have is becoming advanced day by day. For a better quality of life and keeping up our status, adapting this advancement is necessary. WHAT ARE OLED’s?
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