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Carrier Counselling By: Shagufta Babery Counseling is very important in any matter for an instant if you have some health issues you immediately consult a doctor. If you have a pain in your tooth you consult a dentist. If you want to travel United State for higher study you immediately pay the visit to some good counseling team who deal in the student exchange programs. So it is very important for every institute to provide a
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world and its reqiurements
The world is changing every By: Zeeshan Atif (Germany) The world is changing every day and also its requirements. Science provides support for its sustainable growth and solving its problems. Technology and Science are very much interlinked. No advancement in Science can be observed without advancements in technology. Advanced machines are prerequisite for scientific advancements. When scientists perform experiments they accumulate data. This data can be helpful to find particular solutions only when scientists have advanced computers
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Safety Matters by Using Taxi Services
  Everyone needs luxury or better services By: Shagufa Babery Everyone dreams of luxury or a better life always. In the world of inventions now we can get so many things easy fast and better in the shape of services. With the just use of fingertips, we can approach so many things by apps but! …… Always there are benefits and losses have some space in every matter of life. Technology has been making a good space between people In Pakistan technology has been making a good space between people. Even shopping, food, education, entertainment, cabs or so many services are launched through mobile apps and the number of users is growing day by day. Uber / careem have launched years back there services As we know that Uber / careem have launched years back. First, these services were in three big cities
Advance Tech Revolution
How does it affect? In the 21st century, the advancement of technology has completely molded the life of people no matter to what age group they belong. Every human on this earth is familiar with the advancement as well as advantages and disadvantages of the technology. And yeah. There are always some disadvantages with advantages some weaknesses with strength so they go side by side. No? Certainly yes! But the question is how these new
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By: Billz Why People are destroying time on social media? Now a days social media is very effective in connecting people for interaction. But the question is this why  people are destroying there time on social media just to feel relax or for any other reason. So many people are losing  their crucial time on social media just for fame and intreats of new happens. Once somebody logged on social media Once somebody logged on
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