Biometric System

The increase in cyber-crime called for the systems upgrade from pins, codes, and signatures.

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Biometric System


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The increase in cyber-crime called for the systems upgrade from pins, codes, and signatures. All of these verification methods are easily over-ridden leading to the breach in security and loss of data. To minimize these issue biometric system of identification was introduced. Although the signatures are the earliest form of biometrics, they are easily forged if the strokes and pressure points are well known.

What is Biometrics?

It a system used for the identification of a person through its unique biological features such as the Face, Fingerprints, Iris and Retina etc. These features are unique to every individual and vary from person to person. Moreover, these features don’t change and transform into something else over time. This makes it a reliable method used in identification.

Fingerprints- Commonly used method

Fingerprints are most commonly used method these days because it is relatively economical as compared to the other methods of recognition. The principle is based on a unique pattern on the fingers that is different for every human being. These patterns are broadly classified into loops (long-ish spiral patterns), whorls (circular patterns) and arches (hill-like pattern). These ridges and lines on the fingers leave the impression on the surface we touch due to the natural secretion from sweat gland. These impressions, when left on identification devices, are compared with the whole database that is already saved in the back-end and identifies the person correctly.


This method is commonly being implied in the banking systems, SIM card purchases, and attendance systems. A company records the fingerprints of all the employees when the attendance is marked it records the exact time of entry of the person. Unlike the attendance cards, this system can’t be cheated upon and you certainly can’t handover your thumb to another person in case you are late for work. In the banking system, it provides secure transactions and transfer of money. Your look-alike can’t just walk away with your million dollars by forging signatures on cheque and forms.

What if you have an Identical Twin?

Identical twins (babies that develop from the same egg) have the common misconception surrounding them that they have same fingerprints and biometric security measures don’t quite work on them. The answer to enigma is NO. Identical twins don’t have the same fingerprint patterns. This is because the fingerprints of a person are also determined by the external factors apart from the DNA (which is the same in twins). Furthermore, the development of no two twins is exactly alike. If one is developing fast the other is a bit slower. The location of conception (where a baby grows inside the womb) is also different. Thus, the fingerprints twins develop are different.

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There are other differences as well, a mole, a scare, crooked teeth this is also helpful in differentiating the twins. So, your evil twin cannot steal your identity after your murder and start living as you.

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