Battle of 8K and 4K TV’S

8K TV’s are nothing new, but they are still not in common use.

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Battle of 8K and 4K TV’S


Mishal Shaheen

Battle of 8k and 4k Tvs
Battle of 8k and 4k Tvs

8K TV’s are nothing new, but they are still not in common use. These are still regarded as fantasy.
These TV’s have a starting price of 5000 US Dollars. Samsung, Sony, LG and other companies are
producing these TV’s. Buying these TV’s for the sake of technology is still not a very good idea.

Your favorite movies and shows do not exist in 8K

Even if you buy an 8K TV, there is no important change you will see. Most of the time you will be
needing the tv to watch your favorite movies or shows, but these shows are not available in 8K. So,
there is no use.

33 million pixels

8k TV’s have 33 million pixels which is incredible. It gives a feel as if you are staring through a window,
and not a giant TV screen. Sony has announced a 98 inch giant LCD, and LG has an 88 inch OLED .
Samsung’s 82 inch QLED 8K TV is about 10,000 US Dollars.

The content in 8k is almost unavailable. In many years to come, no brand has announced that it will
make a 8K friendly content.


Many TV’s have upgraded to HDMI 2.1 which enables you to watch 4k at 120 frames per second. It also
enables you to watch 8K at 60 frames per second.


If you want to buy an 8K or a 4K Tv, we recommend you go for a 4k, as it is more practical, and reality
based. There is a long time to for a 8k content to come in the market for an 8K TV.

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