Apple’s New Apple

Technology giants are bringing new innovations to their users all over the world.

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Apple’s New Apple


Sana Hassan

Apple's new apple
Apple’s new apple
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Apple’s all new launches

Technology giants are bringing new innovations to their users all over the world. With several new launches in the past few weeks, Apple decided to make a comeback as well. The technology seems to be moving towards the availability of nearly everything on the Internet. The speed of Internet is increasing with each passing day. It has made several data to be available online with the issue of loading. After Samsung’s fold, Google’s Stadia and Disney’s streaming service, Apple is here with its innovations.

Apple News-All magazine Platform

The new and important launch of the event is the news App. These apps bring all the magazines in one place. For the point of view of an environmentalist a major cut down the exploitation of trees for paper. Its app will house magazines of different sorts as well as allows the users to have excess to the recent website for the article download. The good thing about this app is that it will not track the user’s data or
suggest search relevant articles. Not a bad option for $9.99.

Apple Card-the credit card

The innovative idea of a virtual credit card kind of option is the Apple Card. This card will be ready to use with a single sign up. The users will not need to worry about international usages because this card will be ready to use anywhere in the world. The card is available on all of Apple devices and works fine with apple pay in stores, apps and on the web. It also helps in the calculation of the purchases and keeps track of them for you. It will always be with you because it sits in the wallet of your iPhone.

Apple Arcade-the game streaming application

It is the newly introduced apple gaming platform for mobile, desktop as well as living rooms. Just like Netflix streaming. The single subscription will give you access to over 100s new games. The app is available on the entire set of app device. The game will be available to play even if you switch devices. The games will be playable offline and no additional charges will need to be paid.

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