Antivirus software – conspiracy behind them

Antivirus software is seen of all types on the internet. Some are totally free, some have to be bought.

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Antivirus software – conspiracy behind them


Mishal Shaheen

Antivirus software
Antivirus software
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Antivirus software is seen of all types on the internet. Some are totally free, some have to be bought. There is a huge conspiracy behind them, sources say that most often it is the hacking system and virus spread system behind this. They will instill the virus, trojac or malware in your computer or other devices and then they will advertise a fix for it. And if these fixes are not free, most chances are, these come from the sources that made the virus in the first place and affected your computer with.

The truth behind anti-malware systems

But we can say that the anti-malware systems are not that innocent as well. These are in fact, very bright enough to be seen. They will try their best to degrade the performance of your device by taking a free scan of it and showing multiple results in a short span of time. The detail is the beauty of it. We often fall for the immense detail it provides to us. So we ultimately download the latest version of the free anti-malware system. That system will integrate, disintegrate and instill the virus in your computer, so once you download it, you will get a dozen or two of notifications bombarding that your computer is crashed. And it is needed to be fixed. A common man like you and I will ultimately freak out to the point where we will run the program and check for the software to fix the errors for us.

The benefit that anti-malware systems get from you

But the question arises is that, what benefit will they get from us. They will put up spyware and our data gets used by the third parties. The third parties then disintegrate the device memory and RAM. This will give them a benefit in profit. The more computers that will download that spyware, the more money they will get from the third parties.

So should you download them in the first place? Probably not, and you should only go for recognized

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