Android Q is coming with its exciting features soon:

The mobile operating system “Android” will available with its 17th version “Android Q” which is the upcoming 10th major release.

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Android Q is coming with its exciting features soon:


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android Q
Android Q
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The mobile operating system “Android” will available with its 17th version “Android Q” which is the upcoming 10th major release. It will release in the third quarter of this year.

Android Q will transform your phone with its features from privacy and security to 5G and folding screens. It has different new features, which you can enjoy after its release. The six most exciting features of Android Q discussed below with the necessary details.

Easy Privacy Control:

With Android Q, you can change your Privacy settings with one tap instead of 5 steps. Because Google has created a privacy tab near the top of settings, so you can find it easily and change the privacy settings. Before this also has many privacy controls on Google account but it is very difficult to find. To change any setting, you had to go to the Google tab in Settings, then Google Account, Data, and Personalize, and finally Privacy and Activity controls.

Built-in Parental Control:

Here is good news for parents who want to have control over their child’s activities on the phone. Before this, Parents managed their child’s Android phones with a separate application called Family Link, which needs its own separate setup process. But in Android Q, Google is building Family Link’s remote management features into the Settings app, so it is very easy to find and use them. It also adds new features like app-specific time limit and bonus time to make a balance between game time and family time.

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Live Caption:

Live Caption is really a game-changer. Now you don’t have any need to watch videos in low volume or holding the phone up to your ear if you are in a quiet place. Live Caption works across all applications and automatically starts as soon as the sound is detected. It will create automatic real-time captions for everything you watch: audio messages, YouTube videos, podcasts, even videos you record yourself. You don’t have any need for a Wi-Fi connection to use it, it will be done locally on your mobile phone.

android Q
Android Q

Focus Mode:

If you want to save a lot of time and keep the focus on work. So its good news for you that Google is launching Focus Mode in Android Q. Focus Mode makes it easy to turn off all distracting applications. It will make you able to identify all those applications which sucking up the most time. When you want to do some work then you can silence them and when you are free then turn them back on.

Boot-less Security Updates:

Everybody likes to update his phone but reboot every time is very tedious. So Android Q solved this problem. It is bringing nearly 50 new security and privacy features. The important updates will happen in the background and our phones stay up to date and we don’t have a need for a restart. Before this, we have to reboot our phones every time to update it.

Expanded Gestures:

In Android, Pie gestures are used to navigate but still, there is a need for a back button for some things. But Google makes something different in Android Q.  If you want to go back a screen then there is no need for a back button. You can easily swipe from the left side of the screen. It’ll take some getting used to after 10 years of the back button.

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