This article will talk about the important things about Germany which people are not aware of. Germany attracts people from across the world for different purposes. Many Pakistanis have also gone to Germany either for tourism or for better employment opportunities.

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By: Farooq Anwar

This article will talk about the important things about Germany which people are not aware of. Germany attracts people from across the world for different purposes. Many Pakistanis have also gone to Germany either for tourism or for better employment opportunities.

Let’s now quickly delve deeper into what’s life like in Germany. 

Language: –  To connect better with the natives you are advised to learn German. Many Germans, however, speak English but they will appreciate it if you make a little effort to learn the local language. It is important on another count which is that in rural areas in Germany, the signage is in Germany.

Bike-friendly cities: – The whole of Germany has separate cycling lanes given Germans’ love for cycling. In 2019’s Copenhagenize index of cities which are bike-friendly both Bremen and Berlin featured. And Bremen stood at 11th position in global comparison.

Healthcare is free: – Germany offers free healthcare to its citizens and expatriates. It covers almost all the health facilities. The effectiveness of Germany’s healthcare can be gauged from the fact that around 87% of the Germans use public health insurance. It allows users to join 109 insurers which are known as sickness funds.

Recycling: – Germans love to recycle everything. Even manufacturers are charged additionally for extra packaging. Different types of trash materials are colored differently such as glass bottles plastic bottles, etc. So, beware of what you use and how you consign the waste to the bins.

Christmas is attractive: – Markets of different types wear vibrant and appealing colors in terms of offering delicious food and other facilities, particularly around Christmas celebrations.

Plenty of techno: – Techno music in Germany is unparalleled. You will see one night of techno music a week in small clubs but in big clubs the techno music shows are extraordinary.

Rules: – Germans are sensitive about rules and adhere to those strictly. While in Germany, never cross a road except on the designated spot for crossing. You will see many disapproving stares from people around you.

Respect quiet hours: – The quiet hours are observed on Sundays and regulated by laws. You will have to respect those. And in this time a vacuum cleaner’s sound can even warrant a visit by officers of public order.

Affordable living: – Living cost in Germany is reasonable. It is cheaper than in most European countries. A few cities such as Munich, Frankfurt, and Cologne are expensive. Besides, it largely depends on which part of the city you choose to live in. Per month average living expense in Germany is about 738 GBP about 36% will be consumed by housing and utilities.

Punctual people: – Germans are extremely punctual. While in Germany make sure you never run late for any event including meetings, etc. Getting late for even a few minutes will offend the natives.

Sundays are off: – Germans rest on Sundays. Sundays are regulated by the law. Do not be surprised if you visit deserted streets on Sundays.

Dealing in cash: – Many shops and cafes, etc., accept cash only. It will be a surprise for you in this technology-driven era but Germans love to deal in cash.

Work-life balance:- In Germany the work-life balance is great. The index of OECD’s better life ranks Germany 8th out of 38 countries for best work-life balance. The same survey placed the UK at position 28th. And it was revealed by the same survey that a mere 4.26% of German employees work long hours against 12.7% of UK workers. Germany respects its employees.

Plenty of holiday choices:- You will be confused in deciding where to spend your holiday given a huge variety of beauteous places to visit.

Transportation:- Transportation in Germany is efficient and fast. S-Bahn is the fastest public transportation system; U-Bahn is the German metro; Buses will link most of the faraway areas and operate mostly in nights and Regional Trains transport you to even farther areas. Bear in mind that it is illegal to run out of fuel if you drive your vehicle traveling on the highway called German Autobahn.

Great education:- Germany is home to around 400 educational institutions offering the best education to the local as well as international students. Part of higher education in Germany is funded by the state.

Beer is regulated. In Germany, the laws regulate what is to be used to make beer and what not. These laws were created over 500 years ago. It is due to this reason that Germany is home to the world’s best brewing industries. Prepare yourself for some of the world’s tastiest beers in Germany.

Children are independent:- As soon as children in Germany turn six, they are allowed to board buses and trains and shop without elders. German children love to be independent quickly.

Many castles:- There are over 2000 castles dotted across Germany with all of them in good shapes and well-maintained by the concerned authorities. Each of these castles is an attraction unto itself.

Many festivals:- It will tire you to try to attend every festival that takes place in Germany. Some of the most famous festivities include Oktoberfest, Karneval, and Wurstmarkt.

Nudity is accepted:- In most of the global cultures, stripping off your clothes at public places is not accepted and rather frowned upon; not in Germany. You are allowed to take off your clothes to take a dip in a pool or at a beach amidst many people.

Food:- German cuisine is rich, delicious, and has a wide variety of dishes. You will come across many dishes whose deliciousness will stun you. Some of the most famous dishes are Rouladen, Spatzle, and Maultaschen.

Conclusion: – All of these points will help you understand the German culture better in advance. After studying this piece you will not be required to waste your time in understanding German life once you have arrived in Germany.




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