Airpods: Are they worth all the hype?

Airpods have always managed to stay in limelight since their introduction in 2016 by Apple.

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Airpods: Are they worth all the hype?


Sana Hassan

Airpods have always managed to stay in limelight since their introduction in 2016 by Apple. Another wave of fame emerged in 2018 when various popular companies introduced the same technology at cheaper rates. Meme-makers also played their role in trolling airpods. However, unlike conventional earphones, airpods can’t save phones from a fall by grasping its wire.

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Airpods - The Review Master
Airpods – The Review Master

What are airpods?

Air pods are exclusively wireless earphones that do not have the wire for attachment to the cell phones.
These chargeable buds are connected through Bluetooth, much like any other Bluetooth device or
wireless earphone. They come with a charging case, in which they firmly settle.

Work of Siri

One revolutionary option Apple has managed to put into these tiny, gadgets is Siri. These wireless pods
are Siri enabled. Tap on either of the airpods to activate Siri. You can make a phone call, set alarm, and
send a message using this option. If connected to Apple Music, Siri, can change a song, skip a song or
turn the volume up or down. Double tap on the airpods receives a call.

Other features

These airpods are equipped with sensors that can detect, if removed from the ear. They shut off or
stop playing the song when removed, which helps in saving the battery. This feature also allows the user
to start replaying the song exactly where they left off. Airpods function independently. If during a call
user runs out of battery they will keep the call going and the user will have enough time to switch to the
cell phone. Moreover, they charge quickly, a fifteen minutes charge will give one-hour talking time and
three hours of listening time. Sound and call quality is fairly good. The sound isolation isn’t comparable
to the earphones. Some sound may make it to your ears.


Airpods being wireless are easily lost and are not friendly workout devices. Replacement cost for the lost
pods or battery case is also very high. With time and frequent usage, the battery wears off. Also for a
music lover, the sound quality might not be up to the mark.

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Airpods, no doubt are pioneers of wireless ear buds, but considering all the pros and cons they aren’t
much different from earphones. Counting in the additional threats of frequent charging and easily losing
the pods, negative points are higher. If you really can’t resist the idea of wireless pods, then other
affordable and cheaper option should be considered. Pods will not prove to be your best friend. But if
you are an Apple-addict, and the pods seem affordable then you are good to go.

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