Advance Tech Revolution

In the 21st century, the advancement of technology has completely molded the life of people no matter to what age group they belong.

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How does it affect?

In the 21st century, the advancement of technology has completely molded the life of people no matter to what age group they belong. Every human on this earth is familiar with the advancement as well as advantages and disadvantages of the technology. And yeah. There are always some disadvantages with advantages some weaknesses with strength so they go side by side. No? Certainly yes! But the question is how these new and advanced technology has taken over our lives? In previous time when people are not very well aware of the technologies only fewer people like those who were well educated or maybe those who have interest in the technology-based instrument are well known of these technologies moreover in previous times technology has not more to show or to convince the people/users but with the passage of time the huge advancement in the technologies by its inventors has completely turned over or reshaped the lives of people. Due to these advancements, people start taking interest in these technologies and bring new changes in society. These technologies have also reshaped the society with its advancement. This advancement has also brought advancement in the lives of many people. And somewhere this advancement is positive and somewhere it has some negative effects as well. It depends on how you play with these advanced techs. No Offence.


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Let’s go in the past:

So have you ever think about the technologies in the past like in 90 ’s? ohh you talk about technology in the past? Well, I feel this little funny because in past there is even no concept of pen and paper. You can hardly find a pen paper. If people want to advertise about something they advertised it by their mouth. And this concept was known as mouth to mouth advertisement. Btw it was actually very effective. You can ask about the advantages and disadvantages on the spot and you can get all the detail about the thing without any physical or technical barrier.

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Mouth to mouth advertisement:

But unfortunately mouth to mouth advertisement can be done among the fewer group of people and you cannot communicate with a large group of audience. But in the present age, all can be done with the help of our advanced technology without any hectic and problem. Ahh! Thanks to this advancement now we can communicate with anyone anywhere anytime living in any corner of the world just in seconds without any trouble. Communicating with a mass group of people become so easy due to advancement in technology.

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Benefits of advance tech in present age:

Well talking about the benefits of advanced tech so there are countless benefits in different fields. Like business, arts, import, and export, (trade) entertainment, information, (infotainment) etc. Now you can enjoy the live streaming of matches concerts etc just by sitting in your rooms just because of the advancement of the technology. Moreover, you can download your favorite shows and watch them later again the question is how? Again the answer is just because of technology advancement. J People more rely on electronic-based content rather than print media content.

You can read your favorite books by just type the book name on Google and you can have your book online on the screen of your laptops and mobile phones and you can easily carry it with yourself anywhere while holding a books with oneself is quite difficult and you need to be more and more responsible and if you are a nerd you are passionate about novels and books your all pocket money will be spent on this passion so what will you do for your other needs like hanging out with friends, what will you do when you want to watch a movie in the cinema? And when you want to eat zinger burgers, pasta, brownies and you don’t have money for satisfying these needs? But fortunately, technology advancement has saved your pocket money by providing all books and novels online for you. Yuhuu… Moreover, those who don’t want to buy or read newspapers magazines daily but at the same time want to read it they read it through E-Paper.

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