5 Technical Tools that Every Productive Entrepreneur Needs

In the current entrepreneurial landscape, productivity is key. And in the current technology-driven era, productivity enhancement without the abundant use of technology can be a forlorn hope.

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5 Technical Tools that Every Productive Entrepreneur Needs

By: Farooq Anwar

In the current entrepreneurial landscape, productivity is key. And in the current technology-driven era, productivity enhancement without the abundant use of technology can be a forlorn hope.  Every entrepreneur realizes that the only way to stay afloat and achieve sustainable growth is to focus on productivity through technology.

The importance of technology today cannot be overemphasized. There is not a single aspect of life, which is not affected by it. The world is increasingly shifting towards technology and in businesses, technology holds the position of backbone.

Here are 5 tools that every entrepreneur needs to maximize personal and organizational productivity, and focus on important tasks.


  1. To-Do Lists: Staying organized is productivity tip number one, and there are numerous online and downloadable apps that can help you do exactly that. One of the best to-do list apps is Google Tasks, which seamlessly integrates with your Google account, streamlines and simplifies task processes, and even syncs with your Gmail, Calendar, and iCal for ease of availability. Another plus is the ability to add emails and highlighted web text as new tasks and to-dos, which further simplifies the process.

This particular tool helps you save your time and of course, in today’s lightning-fast world, time is the basic ingredient to succeed. Therefore, this tool can help you save your time from indulging in minor tasks consuming large amounts of time and divert that time instead on increasing productivity and expansion of your company.


  1. Online Project Management Systems: Both small and large-scale entrepreneurs can benefit from real-time project management apps to accomplish routine management tasks accurately, and efficiently. Also, they simplify the task assignment process, while also providing real-time access to the tasks being managed by other team members and rescheduling pending tasks. All of these features and more make online project management systems essential for ensuring smooth functioning, especially in businesses with a high remote-work ratio.

Organizing your tasks appears simple. But, when you sit down to do it, it will drive you crazy in the middle of your already hectic routine. This has the potential to stress you out in a manner that your creativity will decrease to a large extent.

To avoid such as scenario, the best aid you can lay your hands on conveniently is the Online Project Management tool being talked about at length above.


  1. Desk Management Tools: This may sound basic, but every business, big or small, needs appropriate desktop management measures and software for both personal and company-wide system, network, and database management. For this purpose, PDF Converters are a must-have for any entrepreneur to efficiently convert all file types, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and even JPG to PDF formats for securing integrated data components.

Again, this piece of technology is an integral need of any office, regardless of its size and nature. Because for better scrutiny the PDF format is highly recommended as it cannot be altered easily for manipulations.


  1. Social Media Automation: With social media becoming a staple channel within every marketing strategy, entrepreneurs must seek to accelerate and optimize their social media account management. Various social media automation software, like the internationally acclaimed Hootsuite or the locally available Social Champ, provide autonomous control over all of the company’s social media accounts, along with features like post scheduling and auto-posting on multiple accounts simultaneously, easy access to posting history, and more.

This tool again saves your time and energy both of which you can dedicate to your entrepreneurial creativity, enhanced productivity, and organizational expansion.


  1. HR Tools:   HR is one of the most vital, yet most ignored business processes that require proficient management for any business to function properly. Online HR tools help lift the burden of manual log-keeping and antiquated HR software by automating and streamlining all HR-related processes like document management, employee performance tracking and management, and benefits administration. Some even have the added perk of seamless integration with existing payroll systems for the 360o employee management experience.

These online HR tools help your company auto-manage your HR documentation without having to designate personnel to do the same. With the help of these tools, your HR will process more efficiently and more swiftly by meeting the needs of a fast-paced clock!

With the incorporation and use of these tools that have been elaborated above, the outlook of your company will change completely. With them, you will wear the look of a tech-driven business rather than an obsolete and redundant manually operating one.

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