3D Technology: The Hologram

Yes, you read it right, 3D technology. Isn’t technology already three dimensional? How about giving its software a 3D appearance?

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3D Technology: The Hologram


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Yes, you read it right, 3D technology. Isn’t technology already three dimensional? How about giving its software a 3D appearance? The hologram Yes it’s not exactly the same thing but that is the whole point. The world’s first holographic smartphone has already been launched by “takee”.

The hologram in Cell Phones

A holographic smartphone is designed in such a way that it tracks the eye moment. This is done by using four cameras on the extremities and a back camera that collects the holographic data thereby removing the narrow viewing angle of the screen.

What else does this technology offer?

Distance is no longer a problem. Complex traffic systems become easy to navigate. Gameplay becomes much more fun and thrilling. Online shopping goes to the next level with lifelike product displays. 3d scanning and printing become easily available anytime and anywhere.

In the world of medicine, this technology can be helpful in teaching students in a more intimidating way. In the three dimensional X-ray displays, this would be helpful for the surgeons to access the hidden tumors that don’t show in the 2d display. This will be a great help in forming the course of surgery in a more accurate manner.

In Fiction

A similar idea had already been put forward by the Hollywood film industry. The Iron Man that is what holographic technology looks like in real life. In the movie, tony stark is interacting with an artificial intelligence J.A.R.V.I.S. and everything is displayed on the interactive screens and in holographic 3D modes. The age of Ultron showed the same technology.

Guess where else could it be used? Supercars

There is always a strong competition of speed and “smartness” in supercars and the Lykan hyoersport has taken it to the next level. Only seven of these cars exist in the world making them one of the world’s most exclusive cars. This 3.4 million dollar Lebanese limited production sports car manufactured by W motors, besides being super-fast, has a holographic screen to it.

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The unique thing about the interior of this car is the completely empty box when the car is switched off, but that’s actually a hologram. When you switch on the car, that “empty box” becomes a hologram. The secret is the similar alignment of the cameras as in cell phone that creates a digital display inside the box.

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