20 Professional Tips for Beginner Video Animators to Work like a Pro!

Since it is known by everyone that video animation has become one of the leading industry of the world,…

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20 Professional Tips for Beginner Video Animators to Work like a Pro!


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20 Professional Tips for Beginner Video Animators to Work like a Pro
20 Professional Tips for Beginner Video Animators to Work like a Pro
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Since it is known by everyone that video animation has become one of the leading industry of the world, and has also opened its gates for the talented and highly skilled video animators to come and join their firm and showcase their talents in front of the world. As everyone looks out to hire only the talented animator with good knowledge and experience in the video animation production, beginner animators were pushed back a little.
It is understood that the people who are working in this industry for a long time have more knowledge as  compared to a fresher, but still, everyone looks out for the easy and quickest way to learn all the professional tactics to create an entire animated movie like a professional. In order to help such people, twenty professional video animating tips are discussed below to get your animation skills polished up.



Tip # 1: Do the Complete Research on the Topic

Gain knowledge about different techniques and trends to create video animation, how to use different video animation tool, and also learn about which video animation tools are the best.

Tip # 2: Understand the Purpose for Creating Animated Film

The theme and concept of the should be clear to you so that you can create the animated movie relevant to what is needed and keep the art and features suitable and related to the theme of the video.

Tip # 3: Learn About the Intended Audience

It is also essential to keep in the knowledge that for whom the video has to be created, whether it is for some specific age group or if it is gender-specific. Knowing all this will tell guide to develop the content appropriate for the audience.

Tip # 4: Get Involved With the Script

Although writing the script is not an animator’s work to do, but it does not mean that you have to keep yourself out of the loop. The story-line must be known to you as you have to convert those thoughts into visualizations.

Tip # 5: Make Sure the Story Is Worth Telling

When you get involved in the scripting, you would be able to know if the story is good enough to get the audience’s consideration and valuable enough to be transformed into a video.

Tip # 6: Read the Script Out Loud in Audible Voice

After the script is handed over to you, give it read in the voice that is hearable to your ears, as it will let you point all the blunders in the script.

Tip # 7: Get All the Errors Fixed in the Manuscript

After you note down all the mistakes, let the writers correct them so that it will ready to go into the production process.

Tip # 8: See If the Message Is Covered With Clarity

Also, check if the moral of the story is explained well so that it would not be too challenging for the audience to grasp the meaning out of it.

Tip # 9: Draw the Sketches of the Story First before Start Working on the Animation Work

The best practice would be to draw everything initially so that you will have a better idea if what you have in mind is appropriate to be created or not.

Tip # 10: Draw & Redraw Everything until It Looks Spontaneous

Always remember that actions and movements of the video, whether it be animated or live-action, has to look unscheduled as if characters are performing naturally. So if the drawings do not look impromptu then keep redrawing until they look like unplanned.

Tip # 11: Take Feedback’s before Finalizing It

After you are done with the sketching, get reviews so that you would know if it needs any improvement or if it is perfect to be implemented.

Tip # 12: Perform the Actions First & Record It

Also, to be extra sure about your work, do all the actions, tape all of it, and watch it so that you would know that the movements you have a design or planning to create are appropriate or not.

Tip # 13: Select the Best Animated Video Production Software or Tool

As you have already conducted the proper research at the beginning about video animation it will not be a hurdle to make a wise decision while selecting the best animation tool, so pick the best and highly suitable tool for working.

Tip # 14: Keep Everything Simple & Classy

Remember, simplicity attracts human eyes rather than flashy stuff, apart from the places where glitzy ornamentation’s are required. Design all the characters, objects, and other details in a classic way rather than making it stylish.

Tip # 15: Apply Movement Psychology on Characters

Leering movement psychology will help you keep the time of the video suitable, as it will help you allot the time-frame accordingly. Movement of an object depends on many different aspects, and it would be unfitting to assign the actions ignoring those facets.

Tip # 16: Do Not Over Animate Anything

Showing too many movements in a single time-frame will only going to make it hard for the audience to pay attention to any one action and they might miss out some significant part while focusing on other activity.

Tip # 17: Hire a Native Speaker for Doing the Voice-over

It is essential to use the narrations in the same accent the character is portrayed from, else it would give a very unnatural look, which is why it is imperative to hire a native speaker for the speech.

Tip # 18: Do Not Form Every Letter of Speech

Animations are different from live-action and this why there is no need to form every single letter of the narration that animated characters utter to show distinctiveness between real-life characters and animated characters.

Tip # 19: Do Not Add Inappropriate Music or Sound to Make Narrations Inaudible

Inappropriate music or sound merely means that including too loud background music or maybe it is unsuitable according to the situation, which will inflict the voice-over causing trouble for the audience to listen to the speech.

Tip # 20: Apply Gravity Effects in the Video

Gravity effects will add photo-realism impressions to the characters and objects, and it won’t look like everything is floating in the air.

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