This hashtag has taken the internet by storm for weeks now. This harmless challenge originated from Facebook.

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This hashtag has taken the internet by storm for weeks now. This harmless challenge originated from Facebook. It presents a 10 years comparison of person, how he looked then and now. This comparison has been perceived in a positive as well as a negative way. Many different aspects of this challenge were also introduced which were both serious and humorous. One aspect also suggested the deeper side of this challenge.

Climate Change

Using this challenge to highlight the ever-growing problem of climate change was no doubt a clever approach. A picture was posted on the internet showing how much the polar ice caps have melted over the decade. Other included the green lands turned barren and loss of various species of animals. The captions also stated that “the actual #10 years challenge we need to worry about”.

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Plastic Pollution

WWF also utilized the challenge for spreading awareness about plastic. The picture showed the same plastic bottle then and now, on the beach and in the ocean respectively. This highlighted the fact the plastic does not degrade easily. Hence, it stays in the environment, as a pollutant. The hidden message of cutting down our plastic waste was also delivered.

Global Conflict

The 10-year comparison of war affected and conflicted areas also surfaced. People posted the pictures of cities of Syria, Yemen, Iraq. They showed cities standing in all glory compared to the modern scenario where ruins and rubles can be seen.

Positive Aspects

Companies, organization, and NGOs also made use of this challenge but spreading positivity. They highlight the conditions that have improved over the decade. For example, energy production, food production, literacy rates etc. Celebrities around the world also participated with positive vibes. It depicted the strength and courage of how far they have come, despite the hurdles and setbacks.

The Technological Aspect

Tech consultant Kate O’Neill floated the idea that this challenge might be helpful in training facial recognition software in the process of aging. This could result in both good and bad consequences. Good aspect will be finding a child that was lost years ago. The facial recognition software will come up with a picture of what the missing child might look like now. Bad aspect would be the readily available data for the hackers. The unauthorized analysis and usage can also be associated with this challenge.

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